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Marie Wallin Fair Isle Club II Kit (yarn only).

$ 425.00

  Free shipping is offered on this kit within the USA.

Many of you are were pleased with how Club I went, and are ready for another year of Fair Isle magic!  This is the yarn only, you must sign up for the pattern through Marie Wallin's site here.

This is a limited edition booking, once it is over the pattern will not be available.

When people ask how we are coming along with blanket one I say, "a third are caught up, a third have not finished the first square, and the rest are somewhere in between".  Customers have been enjoying the blanket and say it is like paint by numbers.  Natalie is on track to finish before Club II starts (see her progress here) and yes she has had time to knit other things too!  If you are interested in her seaming your club I blanket together she will for $150 which includes return shipping.  Natalie will be knitting TWO of these blankets.  One in felted tweed for her mom, and one in stash yarn for her husband. 

Marie did address many issues people had with club I: all original designs, no seaming, the symbols are the same for each color throughout the entire club, and the design is more graphic making for easier, more traditional Fair Isle knitting.  Our customers who have enjoyed club I (even if they have only knit 4 of the squares) are signing up for II for a variety of reasons.   

"This new blanket is inspired by Nordic and Scandinavian fairisle design and whole blanket uses just 11 colours of Rowan Felted Tweed. The blanket is made up of 10 sections, each worked off the other except for sections 1 and 2. These are knitted separately and are sewn together and then section 3 is knitted off the joined sections. This means that the only sewing up is this seam between sections 1 and 2.  

 Being Nordic inspired, the fairisle patterns are more graphic and combined with the contrasting colours make this blanket easier to knit than the Fairisle Club 1 blanket as the repeats are easier to follow."


33 balls of felted tweed are included in this kit and we are offering free shipping on this kit within the USA.  The new colors will not be in until late September, thus the pre-order.  


The blanket uses Rowan Felted Tweed. The quantities below include and extra 10%.


Carbon 159       2 x 50g balls (73g)       *Barn Red 196      4 x 50g balls (195g)

Stone 190          6 x 50g balls (263g)      Celadon 184         2 x 50g balls (61g)

Ancient 172      4 x 50g balls (175g)       Avocado 161         1 x 50g ball (22g)

Phantom 153   5 x 50g balls (211g)       Ginger 154             1 x 50g ball (20g)

Camel 157         4 x 50g balls (198g)    Cinnamon 175     3 x 50g balls (125g)

*Boulder 195   1 x 50g ball (32g)

* New for the season.



The blanket measures 148cm wide x 170cm long.


Were you in the club last year?  If so, you can use some of your celadon, carbon, ancient, and phantom for this years blanket, saving you 4 balls!  Work that stash ;)


Did you miss out on the first club?  We have a solution to that here.  

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