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Alchemy Sparky

$ 36.00

New from Alchemy!  Sparky adds just a touch of glitter to your projects.  The glitter is woven around a silk tape core, making it easy to knit with since the glitter is really held in place.  Each skein is dyed in California and hung  out to dry in the breeze.  In each skein you get 200 yards per 34 grams and it is 97% silk and 3% polyester.  Hand wash.  We mainly use the straw to knit Shibori Style garments, where the non-felting fiber resists the felting process and creates a soft, and flowing masterpiece! 

 We have added a custom order tab for those of you needing 5 or more skeins of this yarn, and who are willing to wait up to 45 days to get your yarn.  In general, the turn-around time is 10 business days on custom orders.  Please send us an email to specifying color and we will keep you informed about your order!

Shown here is the Sparky Wisdom Wrap. One skein of 6 colors, and two colors of Sancutary.  It is a simple knit!

The Chevron Scarf is knit with one skein Sparky, one skein Sanctuary, and one skein Silken Straw.  

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