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Marie Wallin Fair Isle Club Blanket Kit

$ 615.00

Many of you missed out on this club since it was limited to the first 500 knitters.  Don't let it happen again and sign up NOW for Club II here, and pre-order your kit from us now here.

 If you have been loosing sleep over missing out, we have a solution!  These squares were inspired by Marie Wallin's designs.  Three of the charts can be found in her book Once Upon a Time, and five designs can be found in Autum Collection 5.  Squares 1 and 2 were inspired from the Sage Throw, and the Fair Isle bag which can be purchased on Marie's site here.  For the final two squares, we are recommending Fleur and Lily from Springtime as good substitutions, or you could simply repeat your favorite charts.   We thought this blanket would be lovely with 6 designs, each repeated twice.  If you wish to go this route, we will include color substitutions and where to begin and end of the charts.  If you do not purchase a book pack, we will not include the color substitution notes etc.  Book pack I includes all three of the books mentioned above, and pack II includes Autumn Collection 5 and Once Upon a Time if you are going to re-use squares.  

This kit DOES NOT include the pattern from Fair Isle Club one, this is our solution though to the pattern being totally gone!   To see more details and images of this project click here, and to see Natalie's progress click here.

This is made up of 12 individual Fair Isle squares, each knitted in Rowan Felted Tweed. The designs for each square are inspired by traditional fairisle motifs and shapes found in The Shetland Isles and Northern Europe.  Some of the square designs are adaptations of Fair Isle designs from some of my garment designs. Each square will compliment the other, mainly in use of colour, creating a beautiful throw that will look amazing on your bed, sofa….or even on  a wall. 

Approximately  finished size is 57 x 74 inches.  Each square is approximately 18 x 18 inches, and there are 12 squares.

Ideally you should be able to knit a basic fairisle pattern before starting. Although each of the squares look complicated, they are knitted using only two colours in a row. The main aim of the club is to improve your fairisle knitting skills whilst creating a beautiful blanket. By the twelfth square you should be an expert!  Most customer's first square is a bit looser than the rest, but it has been seaming up fine!

YARN requirments - We are not breaking up balls for this kit.  You will get full balls.  We think this yarn is great to have in your stash, and heaven forbid you run out of a color ! This way we are not as worried about our gauge.  We also have added 2 balls to this based on usage (one Maritime, and one Camel) 


To shop this yarn in our online store click here.  What to do with your leftovers?  Try the Orkney Cardigan, or the Bute Cardigan.

Rage 1 ball, Peony 183  2 balls, Tawny 186 1 ball, Camel 157 4 balls, Gilt 160 2 balls, Jaffa 188 1 ball, Ginger 154  2 balls, Cinnamon 175 2 balls, Mineral 181 - 1 ball, Avocado 161 -  2 balls, Pine 158 2 balls, Watery 152 1 ball, Duck Egg 173  1 ball, Celedon 184  2 balls, Stone 190 2 balls, Ancient 172 1 ball, Phantom 153 4 balls, Amethyst 192 1 ball, Bilberry 151 - 1 ball, Scree 165 1 ball, Maritime 167  2 balls, Seasalter 178  1 ball, Carbon 159  1 ball, *Granite 191 1 ball, Clay 177 -  5 balls, Frozen 185 1 ball

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