Share in our joy of knitting this season!

What a strange year it has been indeed!  Many of us have been extra thankful for the comfort and joy our fiber endeavors has provided us!  Natalie has been having writer's block.  Normally, she would focus the newsletters around visiting the shop in person, but that is not the reality we live in at the moment.  We are finally updating our on-line store and website, making it easier for you to find and order just what you need.  Natalie has decided to continue with operating on an "appointment only basis" until further notice.  She has enjoyed connecting with customers, both new and old, on a more focused level.  She also have many ideas for 2021 to make us feel connected, even though we now find ourselves apart. 

     First up, we would like to connect 12 hours due East from Fort Wayne, IN.  Massachusetts is where Natalie learned to love the business side of a yarn store, and where she honed her knitting and finishing skills under the tutelage of long- time shop owner and designer Linda Daniels, while going to college.  Next, we will go to Southern California, and get some tips from designer, Pam Powers who recently launched her own yarn line, Ikigai Fibers.  
     Once upon a time, Natalie learned the basics of knitting from her French teacher, Kimberly Summers, during May Term in High School.  Kimberly recommended that Natalie check out the Cass Street Yarn Depot (that is now the Urban Bike Shop).  Jan used to drive Natalie to her knitting classes, and loved all the beautiful yarns, so she learned to knit too- once Natalie was in College.  Natalie took all the classes she could at the Depot, and worked there part-time on Holiday breaks , and in the summer.  The hours would pass so quickly at the yarn shop;  there is always a new yarn, or a new project to try. 

     Natalie was a student at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, and one day during her Sophomore year, she wandered into Northampton Wools, a downtown yarn shop. The colors and textures of all the yarn on the walls filled Natalie with happiness and ideas. Natalie signed up to take classes at Northampton Wools. Every time Natalie came to class, she couldn’t resist sorting and rearranging the yarn.  Linda Daniels, the owner of the store asked Natalie to work part -time.( Linda knew a good thing when she saw it!.)     
     Linda and Natalie have become good friends, and Linda was so proud when Natalie and Jan opened Knitting Off Broadway. Natalie calls Linda her mentor, and Linda thinks of Natalie as a protege.

     In years past, Natalie and Linda would get to collaborate with shop owners at The National Needle Arts Convention, but this year, it was cancelled.  This fall, over 250 yarn shops from North America signed up to join in on a seminar called, "Knit together Apart".  It was great to be virtually reunited with other shops, and surprisingly, the energy felt the same as that we all loved from the trade show.  The next day Natalie called Linda and asked if we could share a taste of our shops with the other's customers!   We all love to visit yarn shops whenever we go on trips since each on has its own personality.  This year we are so happy to present our customers with the Knitting Off Broadway/Northampton Wools Mystery Shop Swap Boxes!

     You can purchase a box on either website for fifty-five dollars ($55.00) plus shipping; your surprise box will be sent right to your door. Knitting Off Broadway customers will receive a box of special items that reflect what Northampton Wools is like, and Northampton Wools customers will get a box of very special items that represent the feel and flavor of Knitting Off Broadway.  Natalie has had a hard time keeping both projects a secret since either project is fun, relatively quick, and could make a great gift!  We also would like all of you who purchase either (or both) boxes to join us on a Zoom call to work on the projects.  We will introduce ourselves, spend time answering project questions, share tips for the projects, and just knit!  This call will take place on Saturday, December 19th from 6:00-8:00 P.M. Eastern time.
     Be a part of this first ever Shop Swap, and help Linda and Natalie celebrate the friendship, respect, and love for the craft of knitting that they share.  
To see more details, and purchase the Knitting off Broadway Box click here.  To see more details, and purchase the Northampton Wools Box click here.

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