Join Natalie and Pam on Zoom, and hopefully knit an entire hat during the call!

Once upon a time, many years ago now, there was a craft show at the Grand Wayne Center...  Pam attended but did not realize she would need a car, and downtown Fort Wayne did not have nearly as much to offer as it does now.  Natalie and Jan were tour guides for Pam, and made her feel at home.  We all had a great time with Pam visiting the shop, knitting together, and talking about how we got our start in the yarn world.  It's always inspirational to be with people who share the same passion.  Two years ago, we were so thrilled when Pam launched her yarn line: Ikigai Fibers.  The idea of Ikigai (icky-guy) is: it is your reason to get out of bed in the morning.  It is a Japanese sentiment about how your time is valuable, and you should spend those hours doing something you love, and with high quality materials for the best possible finished product.  Many of you have been big fans of Pam's yarn from the start and have enjoyed watching it grow.  We love how the colors and designs are curated, and the accessories are spot on.  
Natalie had so much fun knitting these hats and she hopes you will too!  The idea to ask Pam to join us came after the Knit apart Together seminar.  Natalie has been hesitant about using Zoom, thinking it can't be as much fun as real life.  After just an hour on a large Zoom group call at the end of an all day seminar, Natalie felt that it really is almost better than meeting in person... we hope you are able to join us!  Instructions will be sent out several days before the call.  It is easy, and in the comfort of your own home.  Added bonus: pets can say hi!
These hats are a fun and quick knit on size 8 and 9 needles with just two skeins of chunky yarn.  You  should be able to knit the entire hat in just two hours, provided you have already done the ribbing, and that you don't get too distracted.  If you don't get it finished, that is okay too!  Meet new knitters, and just have fun!  Pam has offered to knit with us, and give us tips and tricks for sewing on the crystals! 

Jewelep Hat

This is a great hat for someone new to lace!  The crystals make this design pop.  Shop these kits here.

Garland Hat

Perfect for someone who has done a little (or a lot) of colorwork knitting!  Shop these kits here.

We hope you can join us for a virtual event!  This is already a strange holiday season to be sure.  We will continue to offer appointments throughout the holiday season.  Please contact Natalie via email or Facebook messenger to set up an appointment. 

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